Monday, June 21, 2010

"In Business...Cards"

I finally got off my ass and designed by personal business cards [is that an oxymoron??].  Actually, my friend Maurice designed them but I supervised [THANKS MAURICE!!!].

Here's the front...

...and the back...

The modern Chinese font was sourced through my friend Clarke and polished up by my friend Kristine. I also am working on my business business card which has a very similar design aesthetic.

I bought them through Vistaprint and they should be arriving today. I'm a little ambivalent about Vistaprint as company as they pulled almost bait-and-switch by offering cheap and discounted business cards but make their money by nickel-and-diming on items like uploading an image/photo/design [$2.49 for each side]; a color back side [$9.74] and of course, shipping and handling [I paid $13.68 for 7-day delivery vs. $26.20 for 3 business day; $9.52 for 14-day; and $5.67 for 21-day delivery].

I had an interesting and fun weekend.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to my Grandmother!!!

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to my friend Bea!!

Talk to you later.



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Unknown said...

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