Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Snakes on a Plan"

I really like Mark Gruenwald's take on the Serpent Society, an union of super-criminals. I wasn't too crazy about some of the designs.

Anaconda: I wasn't too crazy about the gills on Anaconda so I gave her a mask with a respirator look.

Black Racer: Got rid of the green wig and gave her a sleek-looking helmet along with cutting blades on her forearms [like the old Fer-de-Lance]. Otherwise, the costume remains the same.

Bushmaster 2: It made no sense for an assassin to have such an undisguisable feature, so I got rid of the bionic snake-like lower prosthetics, and gave him normal bionic legs.

Coachwhip: Minor changes only. She is covered head-to-toe in a bodysuit.

Copperhead: I totally revamped the costume so it looks more like an armor or battlesuit. I have him more of an energy projector [electricity].


Cottonmouth: Minor cosmetic changes to his cowl. Like the other members of the Serpent Society, he is now covered head-to-toe in his costume.

Death Adder 2: The costume is pared version of the original. No super-long fin or tail. I always found the image of these characters [Bushmaster, Death Adder 2 and Rattler] disguised in public with only a fedora and trenchcoat as ridiculous and straddling the wrong side of the line of suspension of disbelief.

Fer-de-Lance 2: The new character is male who wears a battle armor equipped with mini-rocket launchers [his "lances"]. I wanted to give the Serpent Society some more members with long-range capabilities.

Puff Adder: Like Cottonmouth, only minor cosmetic changes to his cowl.

Rattler: I created a totally new costume/battlesuit. It's a padded costume [as protection to the vibrations his weapons generate] with shock gauntlets [similar to the Shockers].

Rock Python: Again like Cottonmouth and Puff Adder, only minor cosmetic changes to his cowl.

Sidewinder 4: The newest Sidewinder is cunning and ruthless. Besides his battlesuit [only minor changes with the cowl area], he is utilizing two new devices - the Snake Charmer system [each member of the Serpent Society is implanted with a cybernetic implant that render them into a dazed and incapacitated state if activated] and the Snakeskin [each Society member has a version of Sidewinder's teleportation circuitry that is good for one jump to a pre-determined location - usually a teleportation receiving platform hidden in the trailer of a semi-truck].

Talk to you later.


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dysfunctionalmind said...

Hey Chris,

I really like your designs and drawing skill. Just browsed through your blog. Keep it up!