Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Stars and Stripes"

I deleted my previous blog posts by mistake. I'm regretting it a little now. I managed to recover my blog post from September 25, 2005 - "Stars and Stripes" which I'm cutting and pasting the applicable portion here because it relates a little to the prior blog post - "Designing Women".

Saturday – I went to the Union Square Barnes & Noble for the various New Yorker Festival book signings. The numbered bracelets/passes had already been given out for Stephen King, but everyone else was pretty accessible. I arrived somewhat early and bided my time in the food court area. The food [a whole wheat turkey and cheese wrap] stank but they did have black cherry soda.

I got my copy of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay signed by Michael Chabon, who was signing at the same time as and at a table next to Stephen King. While Stephen King had a line that snaked through the 4th floor, Chabon’s was somewhat more manageable.

I even joked around with him.

Chris: Mr. Chabon, I just have a quick question for you.
Michael Chabon: Sure??
Chris: Whose that guy over there [pointing to Stephen King]?

General laughter by Michael Chabon, a personal assistant, and myself.

Michael Chabon: I think that’s..what’s his name…Dean Koontz.
Personal Assistant: Actually, I thought it was Anne Rice.

More laughter. Chris exits stage left.

A couple of hours later, I got my DVD box set of The Office and copy of his childrens book Flanimals signed by Ricky Gervais. I also got a good laugh.

Chris: I’m really looking forward to your new show Extras.
Ricky Gervais: Then I reckon you’ll be somewhat disappointed then.

I went to The White Stripes on Sunday -- thus the blog post title "Stars and Stripes"


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