Monday, March 29, 2010


Monday is good night for television. My DVR is very busy recording a bunch of shows - How I Met Your Mother, 24, The Big Bang Theory, and Castle. I've stopped watching Heroes several years ago during Season 2 when the stories became cliche and melodramatic. I occasionally still watch an episode of Chuck because the actress Yvonne Strahovski is THAT attractive and beautiful, and because my former employer formerly published a Chuck comic book.

Last week's episode [
Season 2, Episode 17] of Castle ended in a cliffhanger. Below is my brief recap of the cliffhanger and my prediction. The text is colored white and you need to highlight the section to see it.

The episode ended with the character Kate Beckett getting out of the shower and answering her cell phone. The title character Rick Castle called to warn her that the killer stalking her [during the episode] was still alive. And then her apartment exploded. My prediction is that Beckett survived by jumping into the cast iron bathtub that she was just taking a shower in.

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