Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Cleaning House"

Hey Boys and Girls, Mr. Chris is cleaning house and about to donate his brand new graphic novels to a charity unless one of his friends wants them.

Here's the list. Check it twice. I don't give a F--K if you're naughty or nice. The first to claim a book by e-mail or text message, it's theirs. Deadline is the day before Valentine's Day because I only have so much love and patience.

DC Comics:

Batman vs. Two-Face TPB (2 copies)
Batman: The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul HC
Black Adam: The Dark Age TPB
Booster Gold, Vol. 1: 52 Pick-Up HC
Checkmate, Vol. 1: A King’s Game TPB
Hawkgirl, Vol. 3: Hath-Set TPB
Infinity Inc, Vol. 1: Luthor’s Monsters TPB (2 copies)
JLA Presents: Aztek, The Ultimate Man TPB
Justice League Elite, Vol. 2 TPB
Justice League of America: Hereby Elects TPB
Justice Society 2 TPB
Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century, Vol. 1: Tomorrow’s Heroes TPB
Mystery in Space, Vol. 2 TPB (2 copies)
The Question: The Five Books of Blood HC
The Question, Vol. 2: Poisoned Ground TPB
Robin: The Big Leagues TPB
Superman: The Man of Steel, Vol. 6 TPB
Teen Titans/The Outsiders: The Insiders TPB
Showcase Presents Robin the Boy Wonder, Vol. 1
Showcase Presents Justice League of America, Vol. 3


The Exterminators, Vol. 4: Crossfire and Collateral TPB
Incognegro HC
Kid Eternity TPB
Sandman Mystery Theatre, Vol. 6: The Python TPB

Gen13, Vol. 1: The Best of a Bad Lot TPB (2 copies)
Gen13, Vol. 2: Road Trip TPB
Grifter & Midnighter TPB (3 copies)
A Man Called Kev TPB (2 copies)
Majestic - Book 2: While You Were Out TPB
Majestic – Book 3: The Final Cut TPB (2 copies)
Maxx, Vol. 6 TPB
The Midnighter, Vol. 1: Killing Machines TPB (2 copies)
A Nightmare on Elm Street, Vol. 1 TPB (2 copies)
Ninja Scroll TPB
Red Menace TPB (2 copies)
Red Sonja/The Claw TPB
StormWatch: Post Human Division, Vol. 1 TPB
Team Zero TPB
Texas Chainsaw Massacre TPB
Tom Strong Book 6 TPB
Welcome to Tranquility, Vol. 1 TPB
Wetworks 1 TPB (2 copies)
Wetworks 2 TPB (2 copies)
Wildcats v3.0 – Brand Building TPB
Wildstorm Armageddon TPB
Wraithborn TPB
Talk to you later.


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