Friday, December 12, 2008

"Home Alone"

I'm home on a Friday New York myself. Cue the violin strings.

There were opportunities to go out mingle with other people...socialize. But it's cold and I'm tired and potentially sick. Plus I was out last night from 4:30PM onwards past midnight...drinking...exerting myself physically [bowling and volleyball] the rain.

Was it me or was yesterday the worst rainy day in a long time in the New York area. No question mark as that was a rhetorical question. It wasn't just that it rained and rained without any sort of break or letup but it was rained hard, and the wind carried the rain under the umbrella so it provided little protection.

After work, I went down to Chinatown to buy some bok choy as they don't really sell good bok choy on the Upper West Side. I also bought some sushi for dinner as a stall in a market. Eleven pieces for only eleven dollars!!! How can you go wrong with that!!! I mean, besides the potential likelihood of food poisoning.

Granted that I don't have the greatest taste buds in the world, but it was definitely good...especially for the price...and I'm still not sick.

Did I mention that I went bowling last night. Again, another rhetorical question. It was with my co-workers at my relatively new job. I always thought I was an okay bowler but I did really well as I had the second highest score in the first game, and was leading in the second game before our time ended. So I guess I'm better than I thought or my co-workers suck at bowling, probably the latter.

Talk to you later.


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T.A.B. said...

If you want to go bowling, let me know. The most inexpensive bowling alley I know of is within walking distance of my place.