Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"One Step Back"

Comic books seem to have made a lot of progress gaining mainstream attention and acceptance - especially recently with the success of the Iron Man film and the new Superheroes: Fantasy and Fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Even still, misconceptions still abound. For example, there was a recent article
"Heroine Chic - Superheroes, The New Black" in the NY Post where five superheroes were reimagined into actual fashion "looks". The chosen were Captain America, the Powerpuff Girls, She-Ra, Danger Mouse and the Hamburglar. Captain America is an interesting but passable choice. I could live with the Powerpuff Girls and even She-Ra and Danger Mouse --- but THE F--KING HAMBURGLAR!!! WTF!!! He's a fracking advertising mascot, not a comic book character.


Styled by: Danica Lo
Photographed by: Victoria Will
Make-up by: Cynthia Rose at
Hair by: Francky L'Official for Francky L'Official Salon (1117 Madison Ave., [212] 628-7505)

Models: Hamburglar: Monika at APM


1 comment:

Danica Lo said...

Did you read the accompanying story? Here is the text quoted for your reference:

"Inspired by the Met's intellectualization of superhero iconography, we reinterpreted our favorite supes - the Powerpuff Girls, Captain America, Dangermouse and She-Ra - and one villain, the Hamburglar, in this season's frocks."

At no point did I assert that the Hamburglar is (1) a superhero or (2) a comic book character.

I don't know what misconceptions you're talking about.