Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Full Auto"

Saturday was a most interesting 24 hours. After volunteering and brief snack in Chinatown with the other volunteers, I rushed up to my place on the Upper West Side in a cab. I usually take the subway but I was late and in a rush.

While I got home in a relatively quick time, but not before the African Muslim [he told me he was] cab driver gave me a rant about the evils of the "white man" and the "jew" and their eventual demise on Earth and inevitable trip to hell. Considering that I didn't do anything to encourage him, I thought it was pretty bold and a little presumptuous of him to say what he did. I did try to record him on my cell phone camcorder but the background noise just drowns out his rant.

I think you can hear him say "...I don't want the white man to make it..." or something like that. While I was offended by his statements, I don't care enough to get him fired or fined or whatever. Encountering whackos is part and parcel of living in New York City.

Later on my way upstate, the car that I was riding was rear-ended. We were driving up the Henry Hudson Parkway when got hit from behind twice near the entrance to the George Washington Bridge. Evidently, the recent NYU graduate fell asleep at the wheel and didn't break in time. Luckily, no one was hurt though the bumper of my friend's car definitely need replacement. Because we were literally parked on the third lane of the highway, I was very fearful that something like this might happen.
Besides the automobile drama, it was a pretty nice and quiet weekend.


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