Thursday, May 8, 2008

"3-2-1 Disappointment"

The DC Comics weekly limited series Countdown to Final Crisis [formerly just Countdown] ended a couple of weeks ago which was probably a year too late. The general consensus was the series was a big failure, sure it sold well, but then again sales aren't everything and shouldn't be.

And so what was the cover for the last issue --- an homage or rip-off to the uninspired cover of the first issue.


In a way, the substitution/downgrading of the iconic DC Comics characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman with lesser known and more irrelevant characters is symbolic of the decline of the series from the first to last issue.

In hindsight, what did Countdown to Final Crisis accomplish? Darkseid and the majority of the New Gods had to died but the majority of the killing was done mainly in the mini-series Death of the New Gods. Moreover by delaying and almost replaying the final confrontation between Darkseid and Orion from Death of the New Gods to CtFC, it undermined both series.

All the drama with the "Challengers", Monarch, the Monitors, the Multiverse, Lord Havok, Arena, Harley and Holly, Jason Todd, the Atom, Jimmy Olsen, the new Forager, Mary Marvel, the Trickster and Pied Piper --- does any of it really matter and does anyone actually care. Yes, the question was rhetorical because the answer is no one does. I feel sorry for anyone who spent hundreds of dollars on Countdown and any of the related mini-series or one-shots -- all as unremarkable as the original.


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